Principal Investigator(s): 
Collin Baker

The FrameNet project is building a semantically-rich lexicon of English and a corresponding set of annotated texts, based on more than 600 semantic frames and 130,000 sentences. Comparable FrameNet projects are underway for Spanish, German, and other languages. By providing a layered semantic representation of text, FrameNet delivers a key component of next-generation question answering, machine translation, and other natural language processing applications. Learn more on the FrameNet Web site.

Funding is provided by NSF grants 0705155, RI: Collaborative Proposal: Complementary Lexical Resources: Towards an Alignment of WordNet and FrameNet, and 0855271, CI-ADDO-EN: FrameNet 3: Upgrading FrameNet for the NLP Community.