Collin F. Baker

Collin Baker of ICSI's Artificial Intelligence Group

Senior Researcher, Artificial Intelligence
collinb @

Collin F. Baker has been the project manager of the FrameNet project at ICSI since 2000, working in close collaboration with its founder, Charles J. Fillmore, professor emeritus of linguistics at UC Berkeley, supervising day-to-day operation and helping with data structures and software design. He has been a member of the FrameNet team since its inception in 1997, and received his PhD in linguistics from UC Berkeley in 1999; he is also project manager of the MetaNet project at ICSI. He has published numerous papers about FrameNet as a semantically rich knowledge base from both linguistic and computational perspectives, and has served as a reviewer for NSF (CISE) and for journals such as Computational Linguistics, Language Resources and Evaluation, Cognitive Linguistics, Constructions and Frames, and Cognitive Science. In 2012, jointly with Professor Fillmore, he was a recipient of the Antonio Zampolli Prize from the European Language Resources Association; in 2013, he received a Google Research Award for a project entitled "Scaling Up FrameNet for NLP." His research interests include computational lexical semantics, frame semantics, and construction grammar.