New Book Chapter: Cyber and Information Security in the Bioeconomy

ICSI's Dr. Alexander Titus and Dr. Michele Holko are authors of a chapter titled "Cyber and Information Security in the Bioeconomy" in the new book Cyberbiosecurity from Springer.


The expansion of digitally interconnected devices, laboratory equipment, and cloud computing is accelerating discovery and development across the bioeconomy. However, this interdependence simultaneously introduces a growing number of new cyber and information security concerns. As a result, new fields are emerging so that practitioners can better research, understand, and respond to these new threats. Biocybersecurity, cyberbiosecurity, and digital biosecurity are only a few of these new emerging fields that require definition and refinement as they grow. In this chapter, we discuss the growing need for cyber and information security in the bioeconomy and what each of these new fields mean and briefly highlight case studies where vulnerabilities are introduced, pre-existing infrastructure capable of response, and critical junctures where new technologies are required to mitigate these threats.

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