In its first year, our team at ICSI was honored to serve as the host organization and fiscal partner for a startup non-profit organization called The International Interactive Computing Collaboration or, more creatively, 2i2c.

Their mission is to harness the power of interactive computing to transform research and education, by managing cloud infrastructure and supporting the open source ecosystem around it. We have been thrilled to help them launch and start this work as a young, inspiring organization.

2i2c has now reached a stage in their development where they have a functioning governing body, an organizational handbook, an Executive Director, staff, and an operating budget. Thus, ICSI has handed the baton of supporting this vital work to a new fiscal sponsor, Code for Science and Society, a group focused on providing legal and operational support to help organizations achieve and sustain nonprofit 501c3 status.

ICSI enjoyed hosting 2i2c in its first year, and looks forward to future collaborations. Dr. Christopher Holdgraf leads 2i2c, and continues to serve on the ICSI Scientific Council and is an ICSI PI.

2i2c develops, deploys, customizes, and manages open source tools for interactive computing in research and education. They strive to accelerate research and discovery, and to empower education to be more accessible, intuitive, and enjoyable. They do this through these primary actions:

Managing interactive computing infrastructure for research and education: 2i2c provides managed hubs for data science in research and engineering communities. They are tailored for the communities they serve and 100% open source.

Supporting open source tools and communities that underlie this infrastructure: 2i2c develops, supports, leads, and advocates for open source tools in interactive computing that are created, used, and controlled by the community.

Learn more at the 2i2c website.