Students and Visiting Scholars, March 2014 - September 2014

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Since its inception, ICSI has had a strong international program consisting primarily of ties with specific countries. Formal agreements exist with Germany, Italy, and Singapore.  In addition, we have visitors associated with specific research and projects.


Björn Fritsche
Elisabeth Wehling (Germany)
Alexander Ziem (Germany)

Audio and Multimedia

Damian Borth (Germany)
Xiao-Yong Wei

Research Initiatives

Itamar Afek
Shachar Afek
Yaron Anavi
Yael Baran
Jacob Goldberger
Hayit Greenspan
Regev Schweiger
Michele Stecca (Italy)


Istemi Ekin Akkus
Ignacio de Castro Arribas
Haixin Duan
Zakir Durumeric
Roya Ensafi
Dirk Hasselbalch
Asim Jamshed
Jian Jiang
Ben Jones
Christof Leng (Germany)
Jinjin Liang
Antonio Nappa
Philipp Richter
Luigi Rizzo
Amin Tootoonchian
David Wang
Yifei Xu


Van Tung Pham (Singapore)


Jiashi Feng
Stefanie Jegelka
Damian Mrowca
Claudia Nieuwenhuis (Germany)
Marcus Rohrbach (Germany)

Roya Ensafi
Roya Ensafi


Van Tung Pham
Van Tung Pham


Michele SteccaMichele Stecca


Elisabeth Wehling
Elisabeth Wehling