Visiting Researchers, October 2011 - March 2012

Since its inception, ICSI has had a strong international program consisting primarily of ties with specific countries. Current formal agreements exist with Brazil, Finland, and Germany. In addition, we often have visitors associated with specific research and projects.


Oliver Culo (Germany)
Gerard de Melo (Germany)
Sergio Guadarrama
Frank Hopfgartner (Germany)
Emanuel Kitzelmann (Germany)
Ru Li
Hiroaki Sato
Malte Schilling (Germany)


Karthekeyan Chandrasekharan
Shuai Cheng Li
Matthias Mnich (Germany)
Roded Sharan


Miquel Moretó Planas


Johanna Amann (Germany)
Mohan Dhawan
Haixin Duan
Oana Goga
Dorgival Guedes (Brazil)
Junaid Khalid
Eemil Lagerspetz (Finland)
Gregor Maier (Germany)
Syed Akbar Mehdi
Sasu Tarkoma (Finland)
Renata Teixeira
Amin Tootoonchian
Jack Wu
Andreas Wundsam (Germany)


Seppo Enarvi (Finland)
Arlo Faria (Brazil)
Mikko Kurimo (Finland)
Bernd Meyer (Germany)


Tim Althoff
Tobias Baumgartner
Matthias Kirchner (Germany)
Arto Klami (Finland)
Seppo Virtanen (Finland)

Campus Affiliation / Other

Nils Peters (Germany)

Gerard de Melo of ICSI's FrameNet Project
Gerard de Melo



Seppo Virtanen of ICSI's Vision Group
Seppo Virtanen



Miquel Moreto Planas of ICSI's Architecture Group
Miquel Moretó Planas



Amin Tootoonchian of ICSI's Networking Group
Amin Tootoonchian