Visiting Researchers: October 2010 - March 2011

Since its inception, ICSI has had a strong international program consisting primarily of ties with specific countries. Current formal agreements exist with Brazil, Finland, Germany, and Switzerland. In addition, we often have visitors associated with specific research and projects.


ICSI Visitors 2010-2011


Fabian Gieseke (Germany)
Oliver Kramer (Germany)
Shuai Cheng Li
Matthias Mnich (Germany)
Benjamin Satzger (Germany)
Ron Shamir


Paula Herber (Germany)


Sergio Guadarrama
Frank Hopfgartner (Germany)
Emanuel Kitzelmann (Germany)
Malte Schilling (Germany)
Carlos Subirats


Somaya Arianfar (Finland)
Joos-Hendrik Böse (Germany)
Gregor Maier (Germany)
Dmitriy Kuptsov (Finland)
Matti Mantere (Finland)
Boris Nechaev (Finland)
Petri Savolainen (Finland)
Baohua Yang


more ICSI Visitors 2010-2011

Arlo Faria (Brazil)
Joaquin Gonzalez
Bernd Meyer (Germany)
Stefan Steidl (Germany)


Peer Stelldinger (Germany)

Campus Affiliation / Other

Christoph Goebel (Germany)
Kai Huotari (Finland)
Tommi Lampikoski (Finland)
Nils Peters (Germany)