Visiting Researchers: October 2008 - March 2009

Since its inception, ICSI has had a strong international program consisting primarily of ties with specific countries. Current formal agreements exist with China, Finland, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.

From China

Bin Dai (Networking)
Bo Xu (Networking)

From European Union (AMIDA)

Carl Henrik Ek (Vision)
Korbinian Riedhammer (Speech)
Shasha Xie (Speech)

From Finland

Yoshia Hirase (Industrial)
Jyri Kivinen (Algorithms/Campus Affiliation)
Kimmo Kuusilinna (Industrial)
Tiina Lindh-Knuutila (AI)
Tommi Lampikoski (Campus Affiliation)
Annukka Näyhä (Campus Affiliation)
Boris Nechaev (Networking)

From Switzerland (IM2)

Nikhil Garg (Speech)
David Imseng (Speech)
David Imseng
Dorothea Emig
Bo Xu

From Germany

Jan Baumbach (Algorithms)
Gerald Friedland (Speech)
Tobias Friedrich (Algorithms)
Martin Gairing (Algorithms)
Oliver Guenther (Industrial)
Birte Lönneker-Rodman (AI-FrameNet)
Ulrich Rueckert (Algorithms)
Felix Salfner (Industrial)
Thomas Sauerwald (Algorithms)
Guido Schryen (Networking)
Holger Ziekow (Other)

From Spain

Oscar Ferrandez (AI)
Eduardo Lopez (Speech)
Carlos Subirats (AI-FrameNet)
Enrique Torres (Architecture)


In addition, we often have visitors associated with specific research and projects.


Alberto Amengual
Terry Regier


Dorothea Emig
Ron Shamir
Tobias Wittkop

Extreme Architecture

Chris Batten
Rose Liu


Kyoko Ohara
Hiroaki Sato


Po-Ching Lin
Jamon Liu
Chris Kanich
Gregor Maier


Oliver Günther
Agnés Voisard